Outside air temperature of 26°C or above means we officially switch from lattes to iced lattes

New tape recorder! And because this is a good Sony unit, my experiments encoding SSTV to tape are going much better than before:

Never heard of an A above middle-C AC current system?? It’s what all the audiophiles use.

Snowstorm Update: since Sunday morning it has snowed about 7cm (almost 3 inches) in Berlin. ❄️☃️❄️

I saw this cute cherry-picker today. Look at its tiny tracks. So damn cute.

Good morning! It is a beautiful day in Berlin. The first sunny day in over a month. It’s like something evil went away last night, or something.

Today I bought something I should have bought a long time ago.

I love this lol

This German parcel company that is shipping my online order has a cutesy map showing the current location of the truck with my parcel, and when you tap the truck it beeps its horn

I have acquired an absolute unit of a Christmas tree. About 2.2m tall. Turns out I didn’t have enough lights to make it look nice, so I will buy more lights and ornaments this week.

Sure, brits like geeking about their fused plugs, but did you know the EU plug has an IP44 rated variant that is backwards-compatible with conventional sockets? It’s so badass.

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