By the way, Mastonaut’s newly-introduced shared logic framework is called β€œCoreTootin”

Got bored at home so I recreated the double slit experiment. Results are a glorious success. I’ve done this experiment at home before but never managed to get such clear pictures from it.

I know I’m just setting myself to eat my words later, but Mastonaut is very well organized for the amount of code it already has.

A testament to this is that the entire diff to make pinned toots visible in the profile view (excluding UI) took 163 additions and 15 deletions. This includes the entire network fetch, uniquing, and placing into the existing status list. πŸ₯°

I bought a tiny photo printer today and about half the pictures I’ve already printed are dog pictures.

My router allows me to setup routing tables, so it shouldn’t be impossible. I just don’t know how those work πŸ˜•

(During workshop at work) β€œlet’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


Damn when I finally get to *upload* a picture to use in some form of document (meaning I can choose a very nice one) they print it in a way that makes me look like a lo-fi hologram of myself.

Last night I spent some time outside on my balcony and managed to spot and then IMAGE Neptune using my tiny bit mighty Maksutov telescope. 🌌

After lots of work and some refactoring, support for notifications is almost ready. I’ve been longing for this feature basically since I started this project, and I can’t wait for it to be ready.

I’ve added a quick and simple β€œdebug info” window to Mastonaut so I can monitor resource management issues during runtime. It’s the small things. ✨

So turns out there’s this mesh thing you can put on top of a frying pan, like a lid but that lets you see reasonably through (without steaming like a conventional glass lid would) 🀯

It’s an Allman Brothers Band kind of night.

This is easily one of my favorite albums.

I saw this gorgeous and adorable Mitsubishi car parked outside the other day, so I had to position my camera to take a proper picture of it. πŸš—

Weather balloon? After staring at it a lot it actually looks like a Dora the Explorer inflatable balloon…

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