I like how this headline sorta implies he wasn’t aware of it until it happened.

This thing is a beaut. Crazy how AIWA managed to make better-looking “walkmans" than Sony themselves.

:brain1: Breaking streaming services DRM by cracking the encryption algorithm

:brain3: Breaking streaming services DRM by recording the music to cassette tapes

Another new feature I just added to Mastonaut is a long-requested one: custom toot limit length.

The API to get the limit for an instance is not standardized, so I compromised with a local per-account setting you can set from the Preferences window.

Important to mention: The server will still reject toots over its own length limit, regardless of what you set in the client.

Outside air temperature of 26°C or above means we officially switch from lattes to iced lattes

New tape recorder! And because this is a good Sony unit, my experiments encoding SSTV to tape are going much better than before:

Never heard of an A above middle-C AC current system?? It’s what all the audiophiles use.

Snowstorm Update: since Sunday morning it has snowed about 7cm (almost 3 inches) in Berlin. ❄️☃️❄️

I saw this cute cherry-picker today. Look at its tiny tracks. So damn cute.

Good morning! It is a beautiful day in Berlin. The first sunny day in over a month. It’s like something evil went away last night, or something.

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