Sure, brits like geeking about their fused plugs, but did you know the EU plug has an IP44 rated variant that is backwards-compatible with conventional sockets? It’s so badass.

In my latest pointless project I’m attempting to “backup” photos to cassette tapes using SSTV encodings.

tinder rant 

Tinder added this new “passions” feature to match you with other people, and it’s the most normie set of interests I’ve ever seen. Boring af. The only technology-related thing in the whole list is “gaming” and there are exactly zero science topics. However “astrology” and “gin tonic” are right there, as well as “voguing” (whatever that means). JFC

Despite it being this warm, the humidity is low enough for it to be bearable.

For the “marketing images that look like shitposting” series:

I’ve tried to enhance the photo above, crop it, and flip it horizontally since my maksutov telescope flips the picture.

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I also tried to take a picture using my telescope, but this is the best I could do. I looks a lot more impressive to the eye. I could probably have taken a better picture, but with cloud coverage hiding it every five minutes, it was difficult.

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Yada yada Neowise. Might not be the best pic of it out there, but this one is mine 😊

Oh I forgot to post this here, but last month I bought a tritium vial pendant and it arrived. Yes, it glows for over 20 years. Yes, it is radioactive. No, it’s not harmful, as long as the glass vial is intact and the powder is not ingested (that’s why it is inside a titanium case). Yes, it looks really badass at night.

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