Mastonaut now supports receiving dragged images from the new screenshot tool in macOS Mojave (you can drag the hovering screenshot images into the composer window).

Debugging drag-and-drop operations in macOS is very hard, because it locks focus into the app receiving the drag, which means Xcode can’t activate when it hits a breakpoint. At some point the operation times-out and Xcode activates, but then the drag operation has become invalid. 😅

This app is becoming one damn sexy piece of software, if I may say so.

Pimped-up the profile view in Mastonaut a bit. Looks so much better already…

Another status update to Mastonaut!

After a long break in development mostly due to me moving apartments in Berlin, I’ve started progressing in development again. One of the major features that is still lacking for version 1.0 is displaying profiles, and now this is closer to being done!

I’m not very happy with the looks of the profile view, so it is still going to be worked on.

I forgot to post it here, but I ordered Mastonaut icon stickers and they look stunning 😍

The little coincidences in life... Two parcels Im expecting, which were dispatched on different days from different countries have arrived at the same sorting center at almost the same time.

I’ve started using Promises in Mastonaut, and it goes so well together with callbacks, so that I don’t need to manage a reference to ephemeral instances by using something like a class member array, etc…

They’re nothing but a struct with a strong reference. Feel like cheating sometimes, because it’s so easy to use.

If you see an image below, it means Mastonaut successfully used an image I pasted into the composer window from the pasteboard.

This is my number one feature I miss from most software that takes attachments.

I have been working on a “welcome screen” that displays on first launch (or if the user has no accounts setup). Some would call this “overdoing it” but I think it’s the tiny details that count. ☺️

TIL that the highway barriers commonly called “guard rails” take their name from their rail “equivalent.” In rail switches, after the tracks have split from the switch, there are small “guard rails” that ensure the rolling stock is running over the track by pushing its wheels outwards, and thus preventing derailments.

Wooo! Mastonaut (my WIP Mastodon client for macOS) now listens to socket events and updates the timeline automatically! It’s a simple thing to do once you have the normal GET APIs in place, but if feels so magical.

@brunoph So, I found what the problem was. I forgot the returnyboies!

It seems the web is heavily reliant on carriage return chars. The TTY legacy lives on, I suppose… 🙄

Attempting to upload an HEIC image taken with my iPhone, and checking if Mastonaut will convert it to JPEG.

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