I’m glad to report my weekend project to convert my single-hose portable AC into a dual-hose one was successful!

Notice that β€œdual” in this case refers to β€˜intake’ and β€˜outtake’ hoses rather than their count. I put 2 intake hoses just to make sure I didn’t overload the exhaust fan.


Now I’m having second thoughts about moving to Berlin. It has never ever gotten this warm back home, and I’m from Brazil!!!

OK this is funny. If you have a folder in your pasteboard and hit paste on Mastonaut’s composer, it actually fetches the folder icon from the pasteboard and uploads it as an attachment. I have no idea how to prevent this from happening. Example:

Currently busy with this: (Also added a screen shot for peeps who can’t see the video)

Mastonaut users: Don’t forget that app and window state preservation is a system-wide feature on macOS. You can have it on by default (see System Preferences screenshot), or opt-in when quitting an app by closing via βŒ₯⌘Q (see menubar screenshot). Mastonaut honors both the system preference and the opt-in during exit.

Yay! πŸ₯³ That was quick! There were a couple of comments from the reviewer, which I promptly fixed, but apart from that, no issues!

I just need to finish the website (which is almost ready), but I’ll do this tomorrow as it is 2 am. 😴

I’m working to add a β€œpopular instances” list in Mastonaut, and now I realized that maybe using a strict ISU prefix number formatter might not be a good idea. I’m sure saying β€œthis instance is home to 5 hecta-users” will cause some confusion.

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