Here is a small audio sample from a recording made with these microphones to a Type I cassette tape, then captured to my computer.

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I’ve just built a stereo electrec microphone for my Walkman WM-D6C recorder from a couple of electrec units I got off eBay and a pair of cheapo earbuds that were included in a CD player I bought off Amazon. And they work incredibly well!! About €10 worth of materials.

I love how there are potentially hundreds of roads built _literally_ on top of — and along — the San Andreas Fault, and not a single one of them is named “San Andreas street” or something. It’s like people are pretending it isn’t there.

Honestly, the RTM and the EQ tapes sound almost as good as Type II tapes, it’s impressive. They have excellent coating, very uniform, which the other tapes in this list do not. Have a look at the attached images (pictures in same order as list). The ATR tape looks like it was sanded with sandpaper…

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I’ve calibrated my WM-D6C and now it sounds sublime (both recording and playback)

Tapes have arrived! I’m positively surprised with some German retailers shipping stuff as fast (or faster) than Bezoscorp. I bought these from with free two-day shipping.

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lol at this marketing photo of a “backup” CD with the word backup written on the media side

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