So I’ve been working on the toot composer for Mastonaut (yes, that’s what my Mastodon client for Mac is called).

A few things are missing β€” like drag-and-drop for attachments β€” but nonetheless I think it looks amazing already.

This project has become a craft for me and I can’t wait for it to be ready. Have a look!

(Reposting because I had uploaded it in the QuickTime format)

So I found out that Mastodon limits attachment images to 16 megapixels. Seems it is not documented, and I found it in the source-code. My client will automatically resize attachment images if they’re too large.

And if it all works, you should see a picture I took of the Bixby Creek Bridge below (California is so damn pretty).

A coworker showed up at the office with this book a few days ago. Brings back memories. I started coding for iOS and macOS on Xcode 4, when Objective-C 2.0 and ARC were The New Thingβ„’

Let’s see. I’m trying to upload attachments using my Mastodon client for Mac.

If it works, you should see pancakes below:

Custom text drawing in Cocoa is hard. On the other hand getting it wrong can produce extremely hilarious results.

Maybe I should leave it like this...

Just added status cards to my Mastodon for Mac app! I also apply a simple heuristic to try and remove the card link from the status if the link is the last thing in the status, to make things look cleaner (since clicking the card will open the URL anyway - see second picture.)

Another quick update on my Mastodon app for Mac. Adding and removing columns is super easy and, most importantly, animated!

I just remembered my first "smartphone" was a hand down from my dad, a Nokia 6820, with the awesome fold-out full-size keyboard. It was the coolest shit I had for a very long time. Then I got an iPod touch.

Work on my Mastodon app for Mac progresses!

I've been mostly working on the main UI features, and the last feature to be done was adding new content columns so you can browse from different timelines at the same time (home, public, local). You'll be able to have as many columns as it fits in your screen (though the columns do have a minimum width).

And if you were confused by the latest random statuses I was posting: I was using them to test custom emoji support on my Mastodon client for macOS that's under development.

Cocoa can be a bit rough to work with at times, but the results are always great!

After fighting with NSTableView for some hours, I announce that nothing has changed! πŸ˜‚

(Visually, that is, but now the toot cells are reusable! Which means that I can display as many statuses as I want and the UI framework [Cocoa] takes care of ensuring I only initialise as many views as necessary to perform fast scrolling.)

So, yeah. My prototype is becoming a real app, little-by-little! I've implemented fetching toots from the logged in user's home timeline. Login via OAuth2 works, and it supports multiple accounts.

Went to the Technology Museum in Berlin today. Got to see one of the first usages of punched cards for data storage: A loom! I think very few people grasp how important this machine is to modern computing!

Habemus prototipus!

About 95% of this is done only with Interface Builder, including the button action to launch the "new toot" window. There's like 12 lines of code to insert the mock toot views into the scroll view. That's it!

Gotta love macOS development πŸ’•

Any name suggestions? I was thinking of Sengi, the local name of these effin' cute little critters: (known in English as Elephant Shrew)

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