I couldn't resist the temptation so I recorded a version of Rasputin with the Tetrafluoroethylene lyrics. (chickenfan.club/@jacethechicke) I am not ashamed of my sin.

Flying has completely fucked up my expectations regarding traveling…

Personal update: I almost fell off a cliff riding on a snow sledge. So much fun, totally worth the risk of death.

I wonder if their business model is anything similar to Poundland.

@shadowfacts I don’t know if you’re using a very long display name for debugging purposes, but it is providing me with that functionality for sure hahaha

Happy New Year fediverse! Have this shot I took with Spectre app.

selfie eye-contact 

When you finish petting a dog and it feels so great that you decide to pet them again.

I’m playing around with the arrangement of the context row elements, and I’m not sure which one is best. Which one do you prefer? (Poll on following toot)

Experimenting with better contextual labels on Toots in Mastonaut. I’m also removing the two-overlaid-avatars style on boosts because I always struggle to understand who’s the booster and who’s the author in a glance. I’m moving the booster avatar to the same level as the context label, and so the author avatar is always on the same placement relative to the toot contents.

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