New toy. It's not computer-related but helps to keep me happy just as well. Just don't buy it at a Nespresso shop. Third-party retailers sell it for cheaper, and you get the €40 (or equivalent) free coffee just the same.

I guess this is proof the internet **really** loves kitties. 😱

First thing: I am sad because I was expecting it to include a fan, which I will now have to purchase as well. But that is not even the most amazing thing, because I then opened the box:

OMG Amazon has either foiled me or made a terrible mistake. So, this is what came into the box for my Core i7-3770 CPU: (BTW I hate Amazon and the only reason I bought from them was because they were the only ones that had this discontinued CPU model and that would deliver it before I moved).

There ya go. 😍 The shop clerk even gave me a huge discount, which makes things even better.

(This also reminded me that you can’t bargain on amazon. Another benefit of physical stores!)

That feeling when you gather motivation and perform a phone call to cancel your internet service.

Bye babe, you did good for the past 2 years and 10 months. I’ll miss you. πŸ’”πŸ˜’

Jekyll for iOS Update: Liquid compiler chapter. Great news! I assess the Liquid compiler as 90% done!

What's implemented: All filters, all operators, most tags, including control flow (if, else, case-when, unless) and iteration (for).

What's missing: The remaining iterator tags (cycle and tablerow), whitespace control, comments, and the dot operator to access objects.

I'm hoping to finish this by the end of this week, and than I'm back to coding the main Jekyll for iOS app!


In my Liquid compiler, there's the concept of a context that stores system- and user-defined variables. However, sometimes extra variables are available, for instance inside the body of a for loop. The solution I found was defining a "supplemental context" which allows variables to be defined on instantiation, but that delegates gets/sets of all other variables to its "supplemented" context. This is probably one of the most elegant use cases of OOP inheritance I have ever found.

Holy shit I managed to implement a for loop compiler for the Liquid template engine. All I can say is that… ugh Liquid is more quirky that I originally thought.

Good news! Logical operators have been implemented in LiquidKit (Swift port of Liquid for iOS/macOS)! All your best friends "==", "!=", ">", ">=", "<", "<=", "and", and "or" are now implemented and tested.

So I got inspired with the new Apple Watch complications and wrote a tiny app that shows the next *visible* pass of the ISS (or any other satellite) as a complication. The ring goes through dark blue (next 8h), light blue (next hour), and yellow (pass in progress) stages. It's pretty nifty! Bottom left complication in picture:

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