@mdszy Got myself a cradle for my simple iron (good enough for now) and an alligator clip holder thing with a fan.

Also! I figured the main reason why I was having trouble using my iron was because the tip was just very dirty. Once I cleaned it up with some steel wool, it got much easier to use.

I’ve started experimenting with reading IR signals using my raspberry pi. After fiddling a lot I managed to start reading consistent signals.

Now I just need to make some sense of it. Since I don’t want to parse the signal, only memorize it and replay it later, I don’t think my code will need to be extra accurate.

@mdszy Yo, I have a question. I’m soldering some stuff and sometimes I hear fizzing noises from the cooling solder, as if it had water on it or something. What the hell am I doing wrong? 😬

(It’s a solder roll from 2-3 years ago, but I don’t think it should be bad because of that?) (Also, I should probably not use that thing since it has Lead holy shit lmao)

@Tom Thank you for providing me with a test subject for mastodon emoji drawing on user display names. :110:

It’s still not perfect but we’re getting there.

I’ve been watching the latest Teletype restoration videos by CuriousMarc on YouTube, and once again it made me really want a TTY terminal I could plug to my computer. So I looked up on eBay if I could find anything interesting and…

There is so, so much already bundled in the 1.3 version of Mastonaut, I can’t wait to get it out. The latest addition is tag bookmarking! You can save tags to browse them later. Just click the bookmark button and then find all your bookmarked tags from the Account menu.

The White House news cycle feels like this gif, except the truck goes faster with each loop:

By the way, Mastonaut’s newly-introduced shared logic framework is called β€œCoreTootin”

Got bored at home so I recreated the double slit experiment. Results are a glorious success. I’ve done this experiment at home before but never managed to get such clear pictures from it.

I know I’m just setting myself to eat my words later, but Mastonaut is very well organized for the amount of code it already has.

A testament to this is that the entire diff to make pinned toots visible in the profile view (excluding UI) took 163 additions and 15 deletions. This includes the entire network fetch, uniquing, and placing into the existing status list. πŸ₯°

I bought a tiny photo printer today and about half the pictures I’ve already printed are dog pictures.

My router allows me to setup routing tables, so it shouldn’t be impossible. I just don’t know how those work πŸ˜•

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