The wired Apple EarPods are extremely underrated. Sometimes I think they rival the AirPods Pro in clarity and dynamic range.

I filled my 3rd gen iPod with only songs I’ve ripped from my CDs and I’m now listening to them using the EarPods and it’s just so good.

The only negative is that because of the wires you need to keep pushing them back in from time to time.

@brunoph They definitely rival the non-Pro given that other than Bluetooth vs cable they’re exactly the same ;)

@brunoph Agreed. I still use them for all Zoom calls and meetings especially for that reason. AirPods make people sound flat and canny in comparison. I’ve done a lot of searching for call audio samples and done my own recordings, and the wired ones have a presence others so far don’t. Too bad because I’d love to ditch the cable.

@steveroy @brunoph Use them for head phones only and select the built in mic. What you’re describing is a Bluetooth limitation.

@brunoph yes yes but if I buy the lightning ones I can’t use them on my laptop and if I buy the headphone Jack ones, I can’t use them with my phone. Thank you apple

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