Since I got a Mac Studio I’ve been thinking about using its 10GbE port to connect to my NAS (which has 2x1GbE ports, and I mostly use for backups, so a decent speed helps), and so I went looking for equipment prices and… yeah… no, thanks.

I might get a 2.5GbE one just to see if I get anything useful out of it.

@brunoph Some NASes have expansion slots that can support 10GbE NIC cards, mine has one. Once you have everything set up, 10 GbE is nice, but yeah that upfront expense is a lot.

@stevestreza I then realized I’d have to rewire the apartment’s ethernet cabling so that 10GbE works well, as my NAS sits on a cabinet 🥲 oh well - I’ll try using some network volumes for regular files to see if it’s worth investing further on this stuff

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