Pet peeve: many users have never peeked into the preferences pane of the apps they use every day. There could be a “free $10M voucher” there and it would go unclaimed for years.

@brunoph It's bizarre to me! Wouldn't everyone get curious about options eventually?

@brunoph It takes me a few minutes to install an operating system, an hour to install the apps I want (and remove the apps I don’t want) and then a week to tweak it all to perfection.

@brunoph I have a bit of an aversion against changing too many defaults, especially in higher-end tools like IDEs.

1) what if I have to configure that all over on a new machine?
2) what if I’m at a coworker’s, and they have it configured differently?
3) what if, worse, they want tech support and I’m confused because mine is different?

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