Weird, money keeps disappearing and Nikon cameras keep showing up in the mail, there is something afoot here! :scrungo:

@brunoph Damn do I (friendly :D) hate your animated emoji lmao. Every time I think my MacBook is having an issue

@brunoph I hope there’s a steady supply of top quality lenses to go with them.

@pkboi Yes! Although I’m currently mostly settled on two zoom lenses (AF 28-70 ƒ/3.5 and AF 70-200 ƒ/4) and they seem to do great for my photography style (mostly nature/landscape/architecture).

I’ve just ordered a F75 so I can also use my AF-S lenses with film, so looking forward to what that does to my preferred setup!

@brunoph Sometimes I have the same problem with ukuleles.

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