Wow, No Man’s Sky is aware it is running inside Crossover on an M1 Mac.

It doesn’t work, btw. It crashes after a few seconds. I’ve kinda given up troubleshooting it.

My suspicion/guess/hope is that the whole Gaming on Mac™ scene is going to change rapidly in the next 6-12 months.

@brunoph I'm hopeful for some stuff (particularly Civ VI and XCOM 2, since they already run on arm64 cuz of the iOS port), but overall I'm not terribly optimistic.

A big chunk of the games in my Steam library never even got 64 bit updates and it's been how many years now? and there are a bunch of Arcade games that still need Rosetta

I'd really love to be proven wrong, though

@shadowfacts I’d like to believe many devs tried and just couldn’t get good performance out of Macs. Now that the baseline performance is much higher, I’m hoping more of them will succeed.

@brunoph I'd like to believe that too, but the pessimist in me thinks it's more likely that the size of Mac market relative to Windows just means few devs think it's worth the time/effort :/
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