yesterday i used the MNT reform all day long, and it was a lot of fun... read articles, hacked on my rust project, chatted...

i'm surprised how much stuff has been ported to arm64! telegram, vscode, nextcloud all worked with minimal fuss.

wayland was the cause of more problems than arm64, and mostly that just meant finding the shims to install (whatever "qt5wayland" is, why doesn't wayland install that itself? whatever)

battery lasted several hours even while rust was frequently consuming ALL cores


@robey I’ve been messing around with running the Windows 10 ARM build on a VM in a M1 Mac and I was able to run AoE 3 remastered without a fuss. The graphics performance wasn’t excellent but it was pretty good considering there isn’t a dedicated GPU.If this trend continues, there will be zero reasons left to have a x86 machine.

@brunoph yeah i was reading some things about the M1 chip from the blog that's porting BSD to it, and i think their GPU strategy (just optimize movies and windows) is a good one for battery life!

i agree, x86 is already dead, it just hasn't noticed yet

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