I did live through the tail-end of the cassette era, and I had my own Walkman, but I was a kid and my equipment was cheap. Now that I have the enlightenment of how cassettes should be used and how good music can sound, I can form a more robust opinion about the format.

And after experimenting with both type II and type IV tapes I’m firmly convinced I’d still have thoroughly enjoyed music even if I was born a decade or two earlier.


I think the major distinction that lots of people don’t mention when comparing digital formats with physical media is the amount of things that can go wrong. To get the best sound quality from your MP3 player all you have to do is source good media and use good headphones.

Cassette (and vinyl record) players need to be aligned, lubricated, cleaned, and this also applies to the media. Messing up any of those might irreversibly damage your media.

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