:brain1: Breaking streaming services DRM by cracking the encryption algorithm

:brain3: Breaking streaming services DRM by recording the music to cassette tapes

@brunoph Making mix tapes instead of official albums: galaxy-brain.gif

@saramg I did a few! Honestly, it’s a relaxing kind of project, you have to plan how many and which tracks to put on each side so they all fit the tape without leftovers, and after that you get to listen to the whole thing while it records.

@TheGibson @brunoph Bow Wow Wow's first hit was a song about recording music off the radio on 30 (c30), 60 (c60), or 90 (c90) minute cassettes.

@henriavo So you could record music onto it, from radio or from someone’s tape/cd, further helping the cause of killing record industry profits.

@welt it’s lots of fun! And a lot easier to operate than vinyl records. And certainly a lot cheaper too. This deck cost me €65 on eBay and has all the top features.

@brunoph Well cassettes tapes are neat but with HDMI and S/PDIF (toslink connectors being quite popular) you can record digital audio, which means being able to get the system output with no loss.

@brunoph I think I might’ve had that tape deck back in the day. Memories!

@brunoph that's how we got all our music in the 80s, except the iPad was an FM radio. 😄

@brunoph I mean I dunno but can't you literally circumvent audio DRM by just plugging a loopback cable from speaker out to mic in?

@brunoph @socketwench me, in high school, requesting a bunch of songs on the radio then recording them on cassette tapes (2001, colourized)


I spot someone converting digital music to cassettes *and* an Ibanez SR300

Great minds think alike :meowThinkingSmart:

@MutoShack Yep! I hope someday my skills on the latter will be good enough that I’ll have an excuse to record it in the former 😄


Haruomi Hosono 😍 🎵

i need to find a working tape deck again. i think i used to have a variation of that same model.

@kheya I got this one for €65 on eBay. Works perfectly. Late 90s pioneer decks are very reliable. And even though their mechanisms aren’t the best, they still sound great.

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