Another new feature I just added to Mastonaut is a long-requested one: custom toot limit length.

The API to get the limit for an instance is not standardized, so I compromised with a local per-account setting you can set from the Preferences window.

Important to mention: The server will still reject toots over its own length limit, regardless of what you set in the client.

@brunoph have you encountered instances that use something other than max_toot_chars in the /api/v1/instance response? everything I've seen seems to have standardized around that

@shadowfacts Neither .social or .technology expose it. I’d rather have a manual setting that always works than an automatic one that’s hit and miss.

@brunoph does m.t have an extended limit? vanilla mastodon instances don't expose max_toot_chars, so I use it if present and just fallback on a hardcoded 500

@shadowfacts Yeah it’s 512 (lol) That’s the thing, if it’s not gonna work for a bunch of people, I’d rather make it a manual setting.

@brunoph that's fair. I don't know how many instances there are that patch upstream mastodon themselves as opposed to just using glitch or hometown.

I guess I should add a similar option to Tusker at some point
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