Are CPUs like fuel engines, in the sense they should operate at a certain temperature range? Or should they be operated in the lowest possible temperature?

In other words, does it make sense to install a (liquid) cooling system more powerful than necessary?

@brunoph As far as I know, there's not really a lower bound to the temperature. You can use things like liquid nitrogen for extreme overclocking and see subzero temperatures on the die itself if the processor is idle. The main problem becomes condensation dripping everywhere.

To answer your question, if whatever you're currently using is capable of keeping the CPU below the max junction temperature, there isn't a significant benefit. That said, a more powerful cooler can let the pump/fans run slower to achieve the same temperatures and produce less noise.

@shadowfacts That makes sense! Thank you. Considering all of my life I’ve mostly owned notebooks, and lived most of it in Brazil, I’m only used to my computers running too hot. Where I grew up the relative humidity would constantly hit 15-30% so I’d definitely go for a slightly-too-cold setup if I was still living there 😄

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