I’m thinking of starting a mailing list for beta testing Mastonaut builds. Does anyone have a software they personally use and like? Self-hosted or SaaS are both okay.

Notice please: I want a mailing list on the traditional sense, where people can reply and talk to each other, not a newsletter dispatch software.

Thank you. 😊

@brunoph If you're okay with a paid solution, the NVUltra builds use this:

I imagine the $5/month plan would work for you?

Otherwise you could run a Discourse server (still might have to pay for hosting) or or a Discord instance if more real time chat sounds interesting.

@brunoph If your site is running on WordPress, there are mailing list plugins that can help. If you’re hosting through cPanel, there are options as well like phpList. Never used any of them though so my advice is worth what it’s worth. 😬

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