I’ve been going over the 2.8k songs that came in that iPod and there’s a lot of good stuff. Lot’s of bad stuff too, but hey, the gems make it worth the scavenge.

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Also, the good news is that I was able to replace the HDD for a flash card adapter, and installed a 128GB SD card on it.

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@Tom right??? When I saw it for sale for €25 I couldn’t resist. It looks pristine for its age.

@brunoph yeah!! i'm really glad that you can usually get pretty good deals on old iPods

@brunoph Ah! This was my first iPod! I saved up and bought it with my own money. Took 3x $100 bills and I was so proud. Those orange buttons are so nostalgic. Have fun!

@kai I replaced that too! The only thing I’m missing is a 30-pin to FireWire+USB cable to sync it while charging, since FireWire is basically a dead standard now. I bought one from eBay and it should arrive next week.

@brunoph I suppose the ultimate question is, why don't you just use your phone?

@kai I do use my phone too, but I’d like to have something that I can carry around for flights and stuff that also fits my entire library. Every time I travel I like to listen to music, but if I leave home early in the morning, the battery is almost done by late afternoon. Someone suggested carrying a battery bank, but if I must carry a separate device, let it be a cool iPod. 😊

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