People from the US who drive, I have a question:

Suppose you are approaching a T junction from the far lane of the main road, and you want to turn left into the minor road, but there is traffic approaching from the other lane of the main road. In Brazil we’re supposed to exit into the emergency lane so not to block traffic on the main road, signal left, and then cross the main road once traffic has cleared. But in the EU you’re supposed to wait on the main road anyway. What about the US?

Also, this is on a junction that is completely unsigned. Like when you’re exiting a highway into a farm road or something like that.

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@brunoph in many instances you just stop on the main road and wait, potentially blocking traffic yes

on many roads, there's a short extra lane in areas like that where if you're going straight, you can use this to go around people waiting to go left

or on some city streets, there's a center lane that both directions of traffic can pull into to make left turns to avoid blocking anyone

or there's just enough lanes for people to go around you

@mdszy Thanks! I’m planning a road trip to a couple of National Parks in California this summer, and I can’t help but to think of all these things lol

@mdszy What mostly made me start thinking of these things was learning that in Germany, especially on autobahns, there are no excuses to be in the emergency lane, ever. The only valid excuse is an actual emergency (such as a catastrophic failure), but if it is deemed to have been preventable, you’ll be heavily penalized.

@brunoph by emergency lane do you mean the shoulder? the area off the right side of the road?

@mdszy Ah yes, true, this is what it is called that in the US!

@brunoph okay yeah gotcha, glad I understand now

yes, DEFINITELY don't pull off into the emergency lane if you're going to make a left turn, it's expected that you might end up blocking some traffic and it's not a problem, there are commonly left turn lanes tho

on the US interstate highways (our equivalent of the Autobahn), there are signs that say "emergency stopping only" but as far as I know, you don't get penalized if you're not in a dire emergency and have to pull over

@brunoph I'm not sure what's represented by "far" without a point of reference.

Suffice to say the rules vary by State.

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