Network peoples I have a question: Would it be possible for me to broadcast local network traffic up the wan port back to the “modem”? I’m currently using an unorthodox setup, and this would help me make my setup simpler, since the “modem” in this case is my computer.


My router allows me to setup routing tables, so it shouldn’t be impossible. I just don’t know how those work 😕

@brunoph That screenshot tells me that traffic on the local network (which has the tp-link as a default gateway) will be routed to the modem. Not sure how that compares to what you want to do?

@brunoph hopefully this TP-LINK router (by which they mean "NAT gateway", most likely) can be made to do actual routing. In that case, will have a default gateway of, and the TP-LINK will route packets for external networks to, which will then be subject to the usual NAT and go outside.

Of course, the reverse direction needs to be accounted for. After un-NAT, the packets for will need to be sent to TP-LINK (address of wan interface in

@brunoph by "actual routing," I mean "routing without NAT enabled on the TP-LINK"

This demonstrates why I prefer equipment that can actually route, so I have a house full of Ubiquiti routers (EdgeRouter) with an SRX firewall (didn't get replaced with Ubiquiti cause it still works great)

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