So I’ve had a yubikey for well over a year, and only now I found out how to set it up properly so that I can keep my git GPG key in it. Fuck yea.

@brunoph What other things to do use yours for, besides GPG?

The only things I can think of are websites and SSH keys but not being able to use those on iOS would be a bit of a problem :/

@shadowfacts So far that’s all. However they released a new one with Lightning that works with iOS and Safari using WebAuthN!

@brunoph Oh, I knew desktop Safari supported it, but I didn’t realize mobile Safari also did

@brunoph I tried doing this with some SSH keys on my first yubikey. Sadly, I've forgotten how it all works.

Fortunately, the yubikey is awesome enough to make it worth my time to reacquaint myself with the whole thing. ;o)

Also... the magic that is "yubikey-enroll" that makes my yubikey a second factor when I start up a Linux machine secured by LUKS is another reason the yubikey is awesome.

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