I love visiting the US and I have several friends there, but the CBP behaviors are getting completely out of hand. This makes me less and less likely to want to visit, and I with democrat candidates would push for a complete change in this policy.

@brunoph By crossing the border, you consent to a search. Everyone should know this, but journalists especially.

Customs may detain you for a reasonable amount of time, which has never been tested in court.

@kai Yes but this is absolutely out of proportions. The CBP treats everyone from a “guilty until proven innocent” standpoint.

Just for comparison: Once in Denmark my bag was flagged by a “dangerous substances” chemical test.

Wanna know what happened? They re-tested the bag on a different machine, which gave a negative result, returned it to me, and said “have a nice day”. I don’t wanna know how much shit I’d have to go through if this had happened in the US.

@brunoph @kai you don't go through shit, but they'll start digging into yours one lubricated finger at a time

@brunoph yeah I mean I don't agree with it.

I'm just saying that if you're a journalist operating in reality, you should know what is going on and act accordingly.

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