As a well-behaved AppKit App, Mastonaut works great in Catalina so far. There are some table view cell sizing issues, but I’m not entirely sure it’s a bug in Mastonaut or in NSTableView. We’ll see.

@brunoph So, is there a chance to get a iOS/iPad OS build of mastonaut?

@dalcacer Considering Mastonaut is an AppKit app, that’s very unlikely, at least on the short term. This would mean completely rewriting the front end of the app in UIKit or SwiftUI.

@brunoph Ah, I see...the mighty catalyst only works in one direction. Sounds a little bit like upcycling. However, I did not look that up - my bad! Still, mastonaut on iOS/iPad would be awesome.

@dalcacer Oh I absolutely agree! It’s just that I thin there are great Mastodon apps on the iOS land already, while the Mac was completely devoid of them.

A shared business codebase would definitely be a goal for a version 2.0 though. 👍

@brunoph Does this mean we can hope to see Mastonaut on iOS/iPadOS in the future? 😉

@jwkicklighter That's unlikely, because it's all AppKit. It'd need to be rewritten in UIKit or SwiftUI for that.

@brunoph Oh good point, I misunderstood the UI framework names since I don’t do any native Apple dev right now.

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