I rebooted into windows to play some games but windows managed to piss me off so much already that I don’t think I’ll have energy to play anything.

Honestly, it’s quite remarkable that Microsoft managed to create a system so consistently bad for such a long time.

@brunoph It's much more worse when used sporadically, it's better if run constantly. I have the same problem because of dual boot on my machines :/

@kiview I have to say I have noticed that myself. Windows explorer gets horribly slow after booting for the first time in a while. And that’s on a machine with 24GB of RAM...

@brunoph Yep, it's a PITA to quickly boot into Windows for doing something. It's starting up all this services, doing all kind of indexing and whatnot. I assume it not noticeable when using Windows with fast-boot all the time.

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