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(During workshop at work) β€œlet’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


Good news: The Microsoft Flight Simulator alpha testing program is out now, and open for anyone to sign up.

Bad news: They require you to run a spec-measurer app on the PC you’ll be running the game, and I was planning on building a gaming PC only if I got invited.


Best YouTube video of the decade, in my opinion. It will be hard to beat perfection like this by the end of this year.


I’m considering implementing DMs in a future version of Mastonaut to behave exactly like chat messages from a UI perspective (with chat bubbles and all that jazz), but I’m afraid it might be disruptive to the expectations of a Mastodon client. Thoughts?

Working on Mastonaut means I’m constantly launching and quitting the app to test stuff. And every time it launches, I get a brief glance of the latest shitpost on my timeline.

Tusker now has a proper instance selector instead of forcing you to type in your instance's domain. The suggested instance list is pulled from, and there might be corresponding category/language filters at some point.
Screen Recording 2019-09-15 at …

Who’s going to create the Federated Friends Federation instance?

The domain is available:

(Alternate name: Federation of Federated Friends)

People in the 2000s: I wish I could watch live tv from the internet 😞

People in the 2010s: I wish I could close the autoplayed live stream PiP thing in news websites 😞

By the way, Mastonaut’s newly-introduced shared logic framework is called β€œCoreTootin”

The easiest way to perform a migration of CoreData persistence data to a new stack: Literally just copy the files over. :brain5:

Since my materials are not perfectly cut, there is a lot of noise in the result, which I believe is mostly due to scattering around the foil and paper edges.

Got bored at home so I recreated the double slit experiment. Results are a glorious success. I’ve done this experiment at home before but never managed to get such clear pictures from it.

I kinda feel like building an app that makes use of the camera now. Especially with the new 4K selfie camera.

It’s funny that my **PRE-PAID** Spanish SIM card, which I pay €15/month (6GB) offers FREE roaming to the USA, while a ***CONTRACT*** German SIM card, for which I’d pay €30/month (8GB), would charge me €20/week for roaming in the USA.

Ludicrous. I have no motivation to get a German SIM card AT ALL.

I know I’m just setting myself to eat my words later, but Mastonaut is very well organized for the amount of code it already has.

A testament to this is that the entire diff to make pinned toots visible in the profile view (excluding UI) took 163 additions and 15 deletions. This includes the entire network fetch, uniquing, and placing into the existing status list. πŸ₯°

On related news, Mastonaut 1.3 is becoming a very nice update! So so much stuff is packed in already.

Programming sometimes be like: You spend 2h on a refactor to fix what you think is a β€œmassive” bug, only to find out later it was a simple silly bug, and now you ended up with a more structurally sound code β€œfor nothing”. πŸ™ƒ

I’ve been dealing with so much Set maths in building Mastonaut. πŸ₯΅

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