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(During workshop at work) “let’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


FIY: 4chan is planning on harassing LGBT communities on every platform during the entire month of June (pride month); because of course they are. Sometimes I wish you needed a license to use the internet…

75% of the reason Mastonaut development has been so slow is due to me fighting NSSplitViewController

Carole King’s recording of this song is great, but the Shirelles version is so damn good. There’s something about upbeat songs with bittersweet lyrics that just get me hooked (that’s probably the bossa nova gene speaking).

Still sad I won’t get to pester engineers at the labs on this year’s dub dub though

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I love the fact Apple has recently started dropping new products and updates out of the blue with no pre-hype shit. They’re saying no to marketing people and focused on delivering and I’m all in for it.

@Tom Dunno if you use Logic Pro, but I’ve read the biggest update ever came out today and people are going nuts.

I’m at that kind of phase where I’m having more ideas for things to add to my iOS code editor than I possibly have time to implement… 😅

Arizona is certainly an… 😎 

Arid Zone

shitpost, in the rhythm of ABBA's "knowing me, knowing you" 

Pee pee pee, poo poo poo


Mastonaut 1.3.3 is out now. This update brings many small fixes and some UI changes to make browsing more intuitive. Check it out:

@shibacomputer After looking at your twitter I say your mastodon account is lacking in photos of Ripley.

Are CPUs like fuel engines, in the sense they should operate at a certain temperature range? Or should they be operated in the lowest possible temperature?

In other words, does it make sense to install a (liquid) cooling system more powerful than necessary?

I had an idea to create a simple new app during this lockdown thinking it would be an easy past-time, but holy crap, I’m at the point where I think novel mathematics will be necessary to make this work :aaaaa:

LOL and the bands allocated for that in Europe are not in use anywhere else, so if you buy a hand radio set in the EU, you can not use it in the US and vice-versa. 🌝

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I found my old Motorola hand radios and was surprised the batteries still work?? They’re almost 10 years old. I tried scanning for a long time but found nothing, and it turns out the bands they’re on (FRS+GMRS) are not allocated for public use in Europe. 😓

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