Telling my phone to switch from 4G to 3G is still the most reliable way to improve performance when my cellular connection is bad.

Am I the only person who finds the Ruby language syntax indecipherable? Why so many operatorsβ€½ 😰

This video about Sponge Bob’s influence and pervasiveness in internet memes is very funny and very sweet too.

Mastonaut is currently featured in the Mac App Store discover screen! πŸ₯³

Saturn V – Apollo 11 has launched just now, but 50 years ago! Of course it doesn’t compare to the real thing, but watching this live feed has given me a tingling sensation nonetheless. I can’t imagine what it was like to watch it for real.

((Also don’t rework sentences and post them without rereading rereading them first))

Life pro tip: steel wool doesn’t damage glass. If you have some stubborn crust you wanna clean off of glass, that might be a good and simple choice!

(Just make sure to check to make sure the glass has no plastic film/coating first!)

β€œBut people won’t work unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation!”

No, people won’t work for YOU unless they’re threatened with homelessness and starvation

So Boeing is rebranding the disgraced 737-8MAX. I mean, I see why they’d do that, but good grief, this whole thing has completely tainted my confidence in them…

@ashfurrow I’ve been getting high latency when interacting with the instance today. Just letting you know :)

The problem with your code is that it's doing exactly what you told it to do.

I have used Apple Pay flawlessly for several months, and yet I feel anxious about leaving the house without my wallet πŸ˜‚

dt and bitcoin 

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