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(During workshop at work) “let’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”



Feeing extremely tired and having a headache. I hope I’m not getting sick 😣

I have acquired an absolute unit of a Christmas tree. About 2.2m tall. Turns out I didn’t have enough lights to make it look nice, so I will buy more lights and ornaments this week.

Big Clive asked on his live stream how many people watching are LGBT and a bunch of people replied “me” and he was like “this does not surprise me at all. We just like technical stuff” ❤️

After hearing BigClive talk about banggood so much I’ve finally ordered something from there. Let’s hope it works out.

"What the hell is a 'steam car'??" You ask? Well I'm so glad you asked. Get ready to have your mind blown to tiny bits in awe of the future we could have had:

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The sad reality is that the only reason ICEs took over the market was energy density. If you wanted more power, steam cars were better, and if you wanted reliability, electric cars always won. But energy density is the key and it's what ICEs were best at.

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One day, in a distant future, when electric vehicles are the norm, people will look back on internal-combustion vehicles in awe and despair that we could have once relied on such an overcomplicated mechanism simply to propel things forward.

Berlin rent freeze law 

So I put my apartment data on the Berlin website where they calculate your maximum legal rent price based on a law that was approved in April, and it says my rent should be about half of what I'm paying.

Something something landlords

Is there a "popular" band that is more singular than Jethro Tull? I can't put them in any category that would be shared with other bands from the same time. I know of bands that were influenced later on by them, but when they were on top, there was nothing like them out there.

Just by looking at trump you know he’d make a terrible mess if you gave him a soft-serve ice cream cone.

I have recently come across this album. I already knew the singer from an album she made with her siblings, but I had never heard her solo album.

Not only are the songs great, but the quality of the mastering is mind-blowing. If you love latin/jazz/vocal this is a great pick:

Aaaah my in-house computer vision algorithms are working aaaaa this is so cooooool

Good morning!

:disputed: Today is a Friday the 13th of 2020. Find out more about this hell we all live in.

Another update about my Ryzentosh. After tweaking it a bit and adding a kext that lets me monitor the current CPU clock, I can confirm it has the CPU performance of the base Mac Pro model. Intel really needs to up their game 😛

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