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(During workshop at work) “let’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


What an enraging, moving, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring article about leaded gasoline — and the man who fought for half of his life to ban it (and succeeded)

There will never be enough monuments named after Clair Patterson.

Here is a small audio sample from a recording made with these microphones to a Type I cassette tape, then captured to my computer.

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I’ve just built a stereo electrec microphone for my Walkman WM-D6C recorder from a couple of electrec units I got off eBay and a pair of cheapo earbuds that were included in a CD player I bought off Amazon. And they work incredibly well!! About €10 worth of materials.

People on forums: “what does this error alert means???¿?÷7@“

The alert, essentially: “please do X to fix this problem”

mildly NSFW, kinda, not really 

When you’re a short skinny top and your bf is a tall buff bottom:

Professional idiot with a massive follow-base who is paid by large streaming platform, and misinformation peddler who refused to take the vaccine, has just announced that he has covid, and is treating himself with horse dewormer.

Building your house on top of a seismic fault.

Cons: Your house may get sheared in half over the years.

Pros: In the event of a divorce, it’s feasible to give each person one of the sheared halves of the house.

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I love how there are potentially hundreds of roads built _literally_ on top of — and along — the San Andreas Fault, and not a single one of them is named “San Andreas street” or something. It’s like people are pretending it isn’t there.

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