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(During workshop at work) “let’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


lmao good thing RBG didn't retire under Obama when people asked her to

very normal society when one 80 year old has to repeatedly beat cancer for us to retain human rights

It seems enabling "Configurable in Shortcuts" but not enabling "Options are provided dynamically" in the Siri Intents definition file causes the intent to always be empty when launched from a Siri suggestion. FYI, I guess? Perhaps I should file a bug 😞

You see, the problem with me is that when I see bad code I want to fix it. And my PM is not into that kind of stuff at all.

Am I old 

Maybe it’s me. I’ve never played much MMORPGs because it’s extremely complex and competitive, and there’s always someone 10^17 times better than you, and unless you put in a crazy amount of hours or money, you’ll only ever experience a minimal part of the gameplay. I doesn’t make sense to me at all.

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Am I old 

All I’m saying is, imagine if they’ve put all that effort into doing something that makes them money, or at least doesn’t make them stressed. Idk

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Am I old 

I have a couple of friends who are so much into a specific MMORPG that they have statistic analysis software to show them how well they’re playing, and they have these scheduled sessions that take precedence over everything, and they’re always super stressed about the game and their performance. And it all seems so much anxiety for something so… inconsequential! What the hell.

They don’t even play competitively (for money) and have been doing this for years.

In order to preserve privacy of apartment dwellers, subway trains in Singapore block the view from passagers when they pass near residential buildings.

Brb deleting my Van Morrison albums from iTunes

Beasgle Bros floppy disk sleeve.

You'll never see today's homogeneous tat coming with cool shit like this.

@Gargron The IDFA changes are wreaking absolute havoc on adtech and surveillance capitalism vendors, and it is lovely to see.

I’ve been using 1.3.4 for weeks and let me tell you: I went back to 1.3.3 for testing migration, and wow, how much I miss keyboard navigation (which 1.3.4 supports). I’m so happy this feature made to release.

Mastonaut 1.3.4 is out, with plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements!

(It may take up to 12h for the update to show up for you, but usually less). Let me know what you think!

I’ve recently learned that there are such things as LED toner printers. They are exactly like laser toner printers, but instead of a laser they use (you guessed it) LEDs. They’re also the same price or even cheaper than laser printers; more compact; and produce the same quality level of prints.


I verified this by pinging the modem IP, which keeps dropping. However pinging it from a different device via WiFi never fails.

I also checked it’s not my desk switch because wiring the dongle right to the cable that comes from the router doesn’t fix the issue.

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I’ve found out why my conference calls drop constantly despite having a 1Gbps link and all-wired connection: The fucking Ethernet to USB-C dongle overheats and starts acting up… :angy:

Concept: A digital communicator device with most if not all features of modern chat apps (media, reactions, etc, etc) but that is completely offline, and all communication must be done via micro-cassettes that you send to your friends via the post.

In this case it’s a user from .social with many statuses, but with no statuses in .technology

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Hm I’m seeing federation errors between .technology and .social :////

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