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(During workshop at work) “let’s each make a list of their personal interests and quirks”


In case it’s not clear how humongous this thing is, you can place FIVE cassette tapes over it and there’s still some room left.

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spending money 

I have gotten my first paycheck since starting the new job, and one day later I found a pristine-looking WM-D6C on eBay for under €400 so of course I bought it.

Expectations: “I will fix some electronics”

Reality: “I did ruin some electronics”

2493. Dual USB-C 

title text: Small devices use two-prong USB-AC, but there's also a three-prong version with a USB-B plug as the ground.


“Midgley discovered that the addition of tetraethyllead (TEL) to gasoline prevented "knocking" in internal combustion engines. The company named the substance "Ethyl", avoiding all mention of lead in reports and advertising.”

Fuck all those people.

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TIL that the dude who developed leaded gasoline also took part in developing the first CFCs…

Imagine having that as your legacy…

A strange little #robot indeed.
3-minute time-lapse video.
Open CV for position.
Magnetometer for attitude.
#RpiZero & #Python for Nav.
#Arduino Nano for control.
Air freshener ionizers for thrust.

Had a nightmare that the world was ending in a very realistic asteroid shower, which even included sonic booms and all the light effects until everything turned into a fiery hell… 😒

Tim Berners-Lee's stupid NFT suffering from character encoding problems is the most on-brand possible fuckup

It’s been a while since a Big Clive video goes wrong. As expected, it’s hilarious:

Here I am making actual music cassette mixtapes again… 📼

I like how this headline sorta implies he wasn’t aware of it until it happened.

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