I've tooted while 3D printing this lampshade last week - and as promised, here is a photo of it in "action".

Still a bit of stringing to clean up, but if I may say so myself, this looks rather stunning!

ESP8266-powered with an HTTP API to remotely control it and make it light up to indicate events 😊

#3dprint #photo

Mastonaut has been resuming timeline streaming between computer sleep cycles better than mastodon itself (on Safari, at least) 🙃

(Reposted because of typo)

I always get alarmed when I see someone unlocking a car from one of those car sharing apps. It ALWAYS looks like they’re trying to break into the car.

@brunoph Maybe instead of a “this is a bot account” checkmark, there should be a “this is a human account” check which is off by default. Instances could use the TOS to enforce that accounts flagged as “human” can be suspended if they perform mostly automated posting. Then the timeline could have a “only show human accounts”.

Honestly, the public timelines are useless. It’s basically 98% news bots and crossposts.

So I’ve got a GigSky cellular account on my iPad Pro using the Apple SIM while I don’t have cable internet at my new place (takes weeks, yay Germany), and I really like it! They have a referral program, so if you use the code BRUN124 you’ll get €5 off, and I’ll get credit too. Check it out: goo.gl/iRYHLH

I forgot to post it here, but I ordered Mastonaut icon stickers and they look stunning 😍

Oh well, I guess I can cancel that hotel booking in San Jose at this point. 😥

Should I go for a 16h (each way) road trip during Easter holidays? I’m an experienced driver and I feel confident I can do it, but I’ve never driven for such a long distance.

I’m planning on doing each leg over two days (8h driving each day) with one day of rest in the middle. It’s in Europe so road condition won’t be an issue.

Can anyone who has done something similar give me some tips or advice? Thanks!

if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

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The little coincidences in life... Two parcels Im expecting, which were dispatched on different days from different countries have arrived at the same sorting center at almost the same time.

#Yunohost comes with a #mailserver and a #xmpp #jabber server by default.
I think the resource use and maintenance for a xmpp server is so low that it would be cool to have it come by default with #mastodon, #pleroma, #pixelfed etc.
#Facebook and #googlePlus both had #chat through xmpp internally and I used it on facebook quite regularly.

Because of this I think that xmpp chat integrated into UI would be very intuitive for users and if saying "yeah btw you can use apps with it and use it like #whatsapp" that might be a useful service.
I realize this is no easy task, but conceptually, do you agree?

Maybe I should make a 11ft8 bot that posts the videos when they're uploaded to YouTube. 🤔

At this point in my life I’m quite sure I’ll never get to fly a large airplane (as a pilot), but I’m sure flying one in a big full-motion flight simulator would make me almost as happy.

@brunoph Erratum: They’re a class. Pass-by-reference is what makes them so powerful.

I’ve started using Promises in Mastonaut, and it goes so well together with callbacks, so that I don’t need to manage a reference to ephemeral instances by using something like a class member array, etc…

They’re nothing but a struct with a strong reference. Feel like cheating sometimes, because it’s so easy to use.

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