Mastonaut is uploaded and ready for Apple review. Fingers crossed! 🤞

To be honest, I remember when I was in school and would meet the parents of a school friend, I’d always mingle more with their parents than my friends themselves.

“See $Billy, he likes the same songs I do! You’re the one missing out!” - All my friend’s dads, always.

My neighbors probably think I’m a 50-60 years old guy, because I spent the day listening to Grateful Dead, Art Garfunkel, Talk Talk, Joe Jackson, etc…

I’m working to add a “popular instances” list in Mastonaut, and now I realized that maybe using a strict ISU prefix number formatter might not be a good idea. I’m sure saying “this instance is home to 5 hecta-users” will cause some confusion.

Madonna’s “Ray of Light” album is so so good. And the craziest thing is that it doesn’t sound like it was released 21 years ago.


Exciting to see PageTurn featured on the App Store in Australia!

Particularly cool to see it under the ‘accessible for everyone’ heading—would love to hear any feedback from people using the app in interesting ways.

A Notarized RC of Mastonaut has been born. I don't wanna release it publicly yet, but if you feel like testing things out, and making a list of bugs you find, please reach out to me via DM or just by mentioning me.

I'm going to bed now but l might get back to you tomorrow afternoon!

The way git is able to handle file renames without losing the per-line blame from the old filename is simply badass.

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