Oversharing, traveling, thoughts. 

Traveling to Florida. First major travel since the pandemic started. I wouldn't even consider it if wasn't a once-in-a-lifetime (ish) opportunity, being able to see a crewed space launch from up close, with someone I know personally inside the capsule.

I am beyond excited about it, but right now, on step one of my trip, I'm thinking about 2 things:

- I have a 7 hours night bus ride in front of me, almost booked out. I won't dare to eat, so I can keep my mask on.


Oversharing, traveling, thoughts. 

- I'm gonna miss my wife incredibly. The pandemic made us all a bit codependent, and we simply never have been 2 weeks apart in the last 10 years almost. I mean, I'm not leaving to outer space, but it feels like it.

In general, pandemic or not, with or without my wife, traveling is extremely stressful for me. And it used to be so easy.
I feel like I'm getting old.



Oversharing, traveling, thoughts. 

Yo the codependence is extremely real. My wife and I got married in 2020 so the entirety of our marriage has been together basically all the time so any time apart feels weird. Glad to know it's not just us

Oversharing, traveling, thoughts. 

@brokenintuition it's not a topic that comes up often, but you're the second today to confirm it (one in a private convo).

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