It's really interesting how quickly I went from being the guy who wanted the perfect grass lawn to the guy who's extremely disturbed by the ecological impact of grass lawns and very interested in native plants and local wildlife. Exposing yourself to (and learning from) new information is important folks

In case there are any other ecology-interested but uninformed folks in tech fedi:

Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy

There are very few books I've ever read that I've gotten anywhere near as much out of.

Is it about practical gardening or keeping a private house or more theoretical?


Theoretical mostly, comparing ecological impacts of planting natives vs foreign ornamental species. I benefitted a lot because the author lives in the same general area I do, so his examples are directly applicable to me, where they wouldn't be for people in other areas.

Sounds in a field of interests of my wife. I'll pass the recommendation to her. Thanks for mentioning the Book

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