something i'm still not used to in my new position is that its workloads are less structured that any of my previous ones. some days feel pretty aimless, but that seems to be the nature of the beast.

i just have anxiety that a day is going to come and someone is going to expect me to have some thing X completed/deployed that was never even fully given to me. i think it's likely an unfounded anxiety running on overtime, but not having concrete projects to work on 100% of the time is uncomfortable


I had a similar feeling starting my new job. Previous gig was extremely fast paced, this one is very much slower pace but do it right. It took a little while to adjust to some days not being very productive, and that's ok

@brokenintuition Yeah that's how this one is, it really varies by day and project and ticket influx. Also having to wait on other departments or groups to have their input before more can be done, that type of thing.

I actually don't mind the breathing room, but the anxiety side of me struggles with it because those less productive days make me worry I won't have enough things to "show for myself" (job security anxiety, etc...)

Yeah I totally understand. Sometimes it feels like I'm not doing enough to justify my position, but it helps to remember they hired you because they needed you to do a job and that job is getting done. It doesn't necessarily have to be the pace you're used to

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