Looks like Formula E is on FIA time which means most of the races are the middle of the night for me :(


The curse of international motorsports, that's why I don't watch much F1 live. I haven't gotten into FE though, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the reminder!

@brokenintuition I really enjoy formula E except for this really gimicky thing they have where certain corners have powerup spots on the outside line that give the cars a boost in power, the whole thing screams Mario Kart to me and I just don't think the racing needs it to be interesting. In Super Formula they have a similar power boost mechanic, but each car gets like a minute and a half of it and they can use it any time they want, and it feels much more organic

Ah yeah. I haven't watched super formula either, but that boost sounds similar to push to pass in indycar. I'd prefer they didn't have it, but it does add some interesting strategy to races sometimes

@brokenintuition Personally, I hate the arbitrary limitations more than anything- either make it a mechanical process that drivers can overuse and screw themselves with if they want, or cut it out completely- I feel similarly about DRS in F1.

Here's a quick breakdown of SuperFormula vs F1 if you're interested: youtube.com/watch?v=qsQUGGxkdo

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