We've got a new car, haven't had a chance to drive it more than 30km in 3 days, it's hard to concentrate on non car things...

Time to write some code...


@nemeciii how do you like it so far? We got ours about a month ago and we're loving it

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@brokenintuition I like it but ACC isn't as smooth as I had hoped for city driving, I can just drive smoother. For motorways I definitely will use ACC a lot.

Got data working with phone's WLAN hotspot no need for that VW data plan after all.

Got a charger at my parents house, another excuse to drop kids there and chill for a while in their garden. Apartment building politics are likely to last a year or so to even get that 8A charging, 200 parking slots and in 4 months just two BEVs.

@brokenintuition and yeah we have 16A heating schuko's for most of those 200 parking slots... politics & ignorance.

@nemeciii agreed on the ACC, I haven't tried it in a city yet but I don't really trust it in heavy traffic on the highway. When the road isn't busy it's great though. Good luck with the apartment charging

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