Today I was finally able to put into words something I've noticed about myself recently. I'm a constant consumer - podcasts on my commute, Reddit during downtime, hackernews while builds are running at work, whatever on my phone before bed, etc. I've found myself unable to simply sit without any stimulation. Today I drove home from work with no podcast, no music, with the windows down, clearing my head. I think that's a positive change. Now that I'm conscious of it, I can start to correct it.

And yes, the irony in posting about this on social media is apparent to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@brokenintuition You might like to try floating in a sensory deprivation tank. Most big cities have them now. I do it once a month. I think it provides a good antidote to our always-on society, always consuming as you said.

@brokenintuition are you in to creating at all (any medium)? i find it to be a tremendous breath of fresh air. i don't share everything, but i find the process to be relaxing and a nice change from the "consume" mindset. ymmv

@elmiko I recently got myself some recording equipment and have started recording music (nothing realeased yet) and I'm also working on getting a blog set up. I think being in more of a creator mindset will help

@brokenintuition very cool, music is one of my outlets too. hope you have fun and get some "me" time. be kind to yourself =)

@brokenintuition Yes! I think this is what bike commuters really like about bike commuting... twice a day you can disconnect from virtual world and connect to physical world.

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