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Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla Put Their Backing Behind New WebAuthn API

biometrics as identity 👍
biometrics as authentication 👎

Fuscia sounds both amazing and scary. An AI/assistant first operating system is equally the most amazing thing and the most intrusive thing. I suppose everything is headed this way, but it will be interesting to see how much resistance is offered to counter these types of things (my guess is not much until it's way too late)

Yelp reviews 🙄 This one is the top one for a local hotel.

Hey! If you're new and reading this, remember that you don't need to bring your old behaviors from birdsite and fb to here.

We enjoy genuine conversation, because we can fit in all the words, finish our train of thoughts.

Get to know your community, and how they behave. See if you find something new and novel.

I'm confident there will be long term benefits to doing this. We are a small team now but looking to double or more over the next year. I'll probably blog about all of this as we grow - what needs to change, what's paying off, etc.

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We are currently a flat organization and there wasn't a demand to do this other than being sick and tired of having to read how to deploy X service for the 10th time. Automate what you can when you can.

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