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Hmm, my linode is in Fremont, CA? I could have sworn it was in the Dallas, TX data center. Either it migrated at some point or I was wrong about which zone I picked a few years back. :D

I used to have a problem with Fedora on my Mac where the backtick/tilde key produced the wrong character. This appears to have been fixed. :D ```~~~```

Fedora 27 on early-2015 13" MacBook Pro seems to work great! Wifi works, gfx works & runs hi-dpi on internal and external screens. Bluetooth is flaky, but don't need it.

Running on a USB thumb drive is slow though, so I might bite the bullet and partition the SSD later...

In related news, I have an undying hatred for vendor driver download web sites

HP's driver update utility didn't include the gfx driver, which they had an updated version of on the web site (from jan 8 this year). Installed it manually, and it's workin now.

Reseated the cable. Display works during UEFI boot logo, then goes black again. Soooooooo I guess probably not hardware, unless it is. Meh.

Not even showing on the boot screen now, so I think that was just a last gasp one time of connection. YAYYYYY

11-r015wm rather. Don't get one unless you want a very very low-end device, which *is* what I was going for, for testing. ;)

I'm beginning to suspect the internal cable to the display broke. Build quality is not great on this thing. (HP Stream 11, model 015wm)

Doesn't even seem to see the internal display, either in Win settings or the Intel config utility.

Agh, my HP Stream low-end Win10 laptop has decided to stop displaying on the internal screen. Works in boot display, then goes black. HDMI to external monitor is ok but .... that's kinda lame. :D

i give up, i'm moving to the woods to live in a log cabin

bah, it works *except* for under the flatpak'd epiphany/webkit tech preview

(definitely sluggish compared to native but it'll do for now)

not sure if that was worth coming down sick so i had time to fiddle with VMs but hey

VMware Fusion 10 is working much better with Fedora 27. Seems accelerated out of the box. Now let's see how it handles HiDPI

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