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It's friday!
Have a little paraglider (do you call it a deltaplane in english too?) flying low above a group of coyottes 🦊

from 2021, digital colour phase 😅

Out Of Memory Process Adjustment / Liminal Overage Override Management Purge Agent

I remember reading in a technical description of I *think* Star Raiders, that the starfields and enemy fighters were stored in memory relative to the camera position to maximize drawing speed on the 6502. When the player pitched or yawed the ship, these particles were rotated, using a fixed per-frame rotation speed chosen to optimize multiplications into constant bitshifts, or something like this.

Having a weirdly hard time finding the article online; anyone know the article I'm talking about?

for the record "it sounds like gibberish on screen readers" applies to alt text too! even if the caps make sense in an image, screen readers often parse words in all caps as acronyms so they will read it letter by letter! so please, do not put your alt text as a paragraph of all caps!

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cursed sci-fi crossover 

Qo'noS is mirror-universe Naboo (volcanic tunnels through its core vs ocean tunnels through its core)

discovered three new gnome screenshot keyboard shortcuts by accident:

• s – selection mode
• c – screen mode
• w – window mode

(in the latter two, you can select the screen/window using the arrow keys)

Using alt text is super important. Please continue to use it. It really makes a world of difference!!! I love how mastodon is very inclusive with all type of disabilities and everyone here is so kind. I have not seen any other social media use this much alt text. I just want to give a gentle reminder and a huge thank you!!!! :)

the names have been changed to protect the guilty 

"I elected to update X.Y.18 in place, rather than roll a X.Y.19. This means if you've installed X.Y.18 with $INSTALLER and you are affected, the fix is to first update $INSTALLER itself, and then install X.Y.18 again"

Articles pretty dense, as with many math/algorithm articles on Wikipedia, but managed to clarify the basics of how it works. I'll still want to step through a code sample though, i always feel fuzzy with math-style equations and charts and feel more at home with code.

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"ya visual basic!"

"is that an earth insult?"

"yes, and it's devastating! you're devastated right now"

oh wow you can extend DCT to arbitrary dimensions straightforwardly; voxel stuff can use 3d DCTs to compress stuff like medical scan imagery with depth

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you know i've never really grokked the discrete cosine transform

it's an essential component in many lossy photo & video compression techniques, but I just sorta take it for granted that "blocks come in, funky data comes out" and "it's something to do with sine waves and frequency shit"

gonna look that bad boy up in the wikipedia

conventions, covid 

rose city comic con has an amazing guest list

looks like they are currently planning to require face coverings except when eating/drinking or for panelists on stage & socially distanced from audience:

compare with portland retro gaming expo, which has no covid info on their site and, if you email them, grumpily emails you back that they will comply with county law

god there are so many news/magazine articles that are just "I had midjourney generate this weird prompt. please click"

me: *breaks you down into your subatomic components and sends you through the internet, to be reconstructed at another location*

you: ...

me: huh. shouldn't'a used UDP.

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