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aviation, international date line 

I saw that Qantas is restoring their Sydney to Santiago flight, their only connection to South America.

This takes 13 and a half hours to cross the South Pacific, landing 90 minutes before it takes off thanks to the international date line. :D

No in-flight wifi service though... bring a book or something to watch!

when ur timeslice expires and the kernel interrupts your process

"What you're referring to as Star Trek is, in fact, Strange GNU Worlds..."

Fashion made from fermented grains, call that oat couture

thinking of pronouncing the o in cryptocurrency as a schwa, just to see whom it annoys

Ages back I bought a "Sydney: Then and Now" coffee-table book. Always loved it.

Just found it again and realised the "now" photos are just another era of "then".

Kinda cool.

Retro computing programming language stuff 

taking a look through the atari memory map, a 48 KiB machine should allow for 8 KiB of code (either cartridge ROM or loaded from disk) and at least 24 KiB of data pages, to be divided between stack (fixed pointers) and heap (LISP-style nodes).

The stack serves as the garbage collection roots and storage for locals & return records.

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schadenfreude, twitter 

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha it's gonna be hilarious if this whole thing doesn't go through


oregon voting 

well, the election's tuesday. we gotta finish that up soon...

there's a ballot drop box convenient to us so i don't usually mail them in early ;)

flight sim 

Took a flight sim break and did one of my comfort routes: VFR from KSNA (Orange County) to KPSP (Palm Springs). Takes about 45 minutes in a little Cessna or similar.

Sometimes I do this by going up to higher altitudes to go over KRIV (March air base), but I stayed around 3000-3500 MSL and went around it instead this time for funsies.

Palm Springs has mountains to the west, so when landing on a northbound runway it's a non-standard right pattern, which is always fun to "mix it up" :D

position: -0.5535599532249685 + 0.5402487708933964i
pixel width: 1.2504685491146015e-05

Can I interest you in some rEVERSE_sCREAMING_cAMELSNAKE_cASE

Retro computing programming language stuff 

Also I can optimize the GC passes by putting a marker byte in the one free byte per page (51 5-byte nodes in 256 bytes). When flipping a node's GC state, set the bit corresponding to which of 4 states it is (3 GC colors or free).

Then the time-sensitive mark/sweep passes can skip pages with no nodes to process.

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Can't wait to get home and fire up an 8-bit computer. 64-bit computers are so boring

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