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@deshipu well the momentumraptor just keeps going...

You can have a velociraptor or a positionraptor but not both at the same time.

The cognitive load in deciding which device to open Netflix on is staggering

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"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


@danielhglus iirc theres some nbsp replacement around certain punctuation to handle patterns common in French? Night be related to that funky bit...

I seem to recall in StatusNet we had some concept of subscribing to feeds that might not be the same as a specific author/user. Can't remember if we fleshed it out or hacked it together as virtual users...

Anyway I kinda like the idea of making the sharding of personalities to get separate feeds a core part of the communication model. Gotta pick up ActivityPub docs sometime and see what's current :)

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How you gonna keep em down on the farm, after they've finished campaign?

Today was not a productive day, but I'm feeling better after a nap. Gotta stick to daytime work schedule and not give into temptation to do a bunch of late night work just cause inspiration strikes, it always messes me up later. Not in my 20s anymore, and I probably should have taken care of myself better then too. ;)

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One of the most important things to know if you're migrating here from Twitter is that simply liking a post does NOT cause it to show up in anyone else's timeline. That only happens if you actually boost ("RT") the post.

This is especially important when creators you care about are trying to get the word out about their work. It is unbelievably disheartening to send out something important (like a Kickstarter link) and see everybody like it but nobody boost it.


One of these days some package manager hack or just plain malicious package is just gonna `rm -rf $HOME` to a million developers in one day and as an industry we'll just shrug and say "nothing could have prevented this".

We should be sandboxing every build tool, y'all. EVERYTHING. I'm freaked out that we don't.

With the heat lately I've been working on my laptop in the air conditioning more than on my desktop ... Or at night after it cools down. Between the bad ergonomics and the schedule shuffle I don't know what's up or down in the morning. Blaaaaaah

On the plus side, got some refactoring done to support multiprocess launch via exec instead of fork. Not sure if I like it all but the code feels cleaner.

Diagramming classes in markdown bullet lists cause I never learned UML diagrams ;)

@KelsonV yeah I find booksite (?) great for getting a few reactions because lots of friends and family are on it, but then they disappear, hard to find again. I should get back to taking the time to clean up and post the best pics in a more permanent location. :D

Apparently PHP's CLI mode doesn't expose the path to the PHP executable to a running script, so you have to guess or have a config option to spawn a child script with a fresh interpreter (as opposed to a Unix-only fork() in the middle of your script, with connections open etc)

We have a config option in MediaWiki for the PHP CLI executable, which I hope is set correctly in production, but it feels a bit awkward to have to rely on config like that.

Eh why not. I occasionally log in and see some cool photos from my contacts! :D And I might actually start migrating pics back there some day away from Other Social Media Services.

Oh hey my Flickr Pro subscription is on auto-renewal. I should.... check if I still want that.

all i want is a shared-memory multithreaded model that scales over hundreds of servers and works with our legacy php codebase IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK

Hmm, refactoring controllers out of controllers.... \o/

Thinking of changing from pcntl_fork() to launching separate processes. Feels less hacky in terms of framework setup, ensures connections don't get left open, and should work on Windows as well as Unix/Linux/Mac.

Question then is whether to reinvoke the same maintenance script, or have a maintenance script that just runs callbacks of a class passed into it.

Downside of the latter is the class needs to be findable in the autoloader, which maintenance scripts dont normally.