I've been off Mastodon for a while, due to... basically upending my whole deal and joining a nonprofit investigative journalism startup: themarkup.org. Incidentally, we've got a log of hiring to do. Please have a look and send on to people who might like to see the opportunities in this first round! Most are based in New York, but I have a couple remote-friendly positions in there too:

@KelsonV you can set a network to "metered" in the wifi advanced settings (at least on 9) which should prevent updates. But I don't know if you can set that as default for new networks...

Initial thoughts on Fallout 76 after a little beta and a little release time:

* Doing a quest together as a co-op team is done weirdly: each member of the team must perform all objectives individually.
* Finding things to do that match your skill level is hard; you may die/respawn a lot at first.
* Real-time VATS is ok, not as bad as I feared.
* Stimpaks and adhesive are more valuable than gold.
* Have encountered few other players so far, so no strong opinions on interactions/pvp.

@timotheus yeah, trying making a more consistent build environment for my ogv.js emscripten builds, which should help with setting up some kind of automated testing / CI. Never really built anything with docker before, just ran a couple things, so ... still at kicking-the-tires stage. :D

@KelsonV in the future, sun-grown veggies will be highly prized (and priced accordingly) as "free-range produce" :)

I've had a Kölsch beer in Köln, but never a Pilsner in Plzeň. Someday perhaps!

for some reason this link is surrounded by non-printing unicode characters that break it? let's try again:


‪Very nice post on the GC improvements recently made and upcoming for GNOME Shell, and the difficulties of mixing a reference counted system with a garbage collected system.‬


Rebooted and installed the last 3% of packages with dnf. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fedora's been at 97% of "installing updates" for a while now. Let's give it a while longer...

Flickr has a blog post on how they plan to keep the commons with their new limits on free accounts.

Short version:
1. Flickr Commons partnership with NASA, Smithsonian, etc are staying.
2. All Creative Commons licensed photos uploaded & licensed before Nov. 1 are staying, even on free accounts with more than 1000 photos. (Further uploads will be limited until they either buy a Pro account or drop below 1000)
3. Non-profits can apply for free, unlimited accounts.


Never gonna lift you up
Never gonna set you down
It's unsafe to stand upon
A forklift!

I just clicked to dismiss a dialog box that was actually a screenshot of a dialog box.

Not quite at 100% today. :D

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