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Brion Vibber

and oh man does this test suite run faster on real Linux than under WSL in Win10. Even with a slow disk, which I'm replacing with an SSD soon... WSL is great except for the i/o performance, which stinks for now.

There's some complications in that the C<->JS ABI in emscripten/wasm can vary based on compile-time options. And more complications from having to split i64 arguments into two i32s until JS gets BigInts. Haven't implemented that, or structs, or closure generation yet. All possible though!

libffi on emscripten branch so far:

=== libffi Summary ===

# of expected passes 632
# of unexpected failures 769
# of unresolved testcases 453
# of unsupported tests 30

Ok, got it working. Also had to slip in another env var for my emscripten-specific stuff I'd forgotten.

Different error after cleaning and re-configuring/building. Progress!

Urgh, can't get libffi tests working on Fedora 28. "ERROR: (DejaGnu) proc "dg-init" does not exist."

dejagnu is installed; I might be missing something else I don't know about, or something? These ran under Ubuntu-on-WSL but ssoo ssllooww, so trying on my native Linux.

Searching on the errors doesn't give me any clear had-same-problem posts or docs about this specific missing problem yet...

I transpose a lot of letters when typing.

"sudo apt update && sudo apt ugprade" gives me lots of chances to muck up, and doesn't tell me I did anything wrong in the "ugprade" until it's finished with the "update".

(Aliens cut through the ice at the end of A.I. to find little robot kid Haley Joel Osment.) Robot kid: "Your privacy is important to me. I have updated the terms..."

Mysterious benefactor of GNOME, eh? Flashbacks to Great Expectations... ;)

Also: always enable the SSH server on your Linux box so you can log in and fix stuff like this. :D

Much harder to download new packages in rescue mode, where enabling wifi is like inconceivably difficult.

@danielhglus nice! Thinking of trying to emit x86 directly or going through LLVM?

I haven't gotten as far as that in my JS-to-WebAssembly compiler, have just prototyped a GC engine and dynamic value types running in the target environment... Wasm is much simpler than raw x86_64 so not too hard to emit, but using LLVM for optimization pass is probably a win, and that lets me implement some runtime guts in C++ or Rust easier.

Tired: academic papers as 2-column PDFs.
Wired: a god damn html web page that I can read on a cell phone without panning and zooming every which way

URGH I left a large compile running for hours in the background to discover I had checked out the wrong branch. Programmer problems, yo.

It's cool though, I also left off a configuration option that I needed. So..... start that up and come back to it tomorrow. ;)