@noelle whenever i find a pair of weird linguistic cousins like that it just makes me smile :D

i remember when john linnell of they might be giants did a solo project, "state songs", as "john linnell and the statesmen".

pretty sure they did more states than sufjan stevens

Death on the Nile 

behind every detective is a moustache
behind every moustache is a story
the saga begins...

society if the benchmark for a computing platform was “can it run Marathon” instead of “can it run Doom”

In the wake of the leaked Roe v Wade reversal draft, a lot of people were talking about AMAB birth control. While I think that it's irrelevant to that discussion, I think it's valuable to note that 99.999% effective AMAB birth control already exists and is widely available: NFTs.

You can pick your friends, you can pick your battles, but you can't pick your friends' battles.

*walking up to a skeleton* Resting your weary bones or wearing your resty bones haha

Wow I'm in a mood today! Next time I do a tech rant I'll CW it, sorry folks. ;)

@ainali ;) in essence yes -- there's some good story in the idea, but industry destroys it by creating false counterproductive structures.

I have never seen a useful scrum meeting.

@ainali don't count story points! Count whether something will improve the experience of your users or make it worse.

Don't release just because a sprint is done. If something doesn't work, fix it or back it out before release.

@ainali don't go chasing waterfalls ;)

Use your actual brain instead of following dogma. Talk to your customers and fix their issues before you release -- don't worry about whether your scrum meetings are sufficiently standing or not.

cat stuff 

so far so good on the new food; i've switched the adult wet food in, and they seem willing to eat it, but the can is bigger so the portion proportions are different.

getting near the end of the kitten dry food bag too, so that'll be next to update

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Virtue Signal is when you get on Signal and ping one of your friends / co-workers about your piety.

hmm, with the weather warming up finally i bet the kitties will be shedding. time to get the brush out >:-D

The Grapes of Wrath imply several undiscovered grapes of Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, and Greed

@craigmaloney though I can also wield that issue at a lot of Wikipedia processes ;) ;) ;)

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