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Brion Vibber

"The folder contains items whose names are too long for the Recycle Bin."

"Other useful business software"... oh SourceForge you silly ad. :)

hack: on IE 11, the Math.imul polyfill is a bottleneck for VP8/VP9 decoding in . Replacing it with direct multiplication results in a noticeable speedup, but assumes no overflows will happen and breaks asm.js validation. ;)

Of course users will get far bigger performance gains from using Edge or Firefox or Chrome or Safari or anything other than IE 11. ;)

lol vmware... ok fine I won't tell people if your software is slow

To make your Firefox new tab experience less spammy, click the options gear icon and uncheck "Recommended by Pocket"

Atom's a nice editor but damn it's memory-hungry. I blame this on web browser technology. And running like a hojillion projects open at once.

(Don't laugh at IE. I have to test it!)

Remember when Mac OS X allowed plug-ins for media codecs? Pepperidge Farm remembers.