I am just all over this wood-panel aesthetic. It's like their design consultant reached into my head and said "american computer nerds in their late 30s and early 40s will buy this to relive the electronics of their childhoods" AND I LOVE THEM FOR IT


This media encoding has become... unstuck in time!!!!

I found my DOS port in my old old archives! Still runs in DosBox with QuickBASIC 4.5 which is easily obtainable.


May be end of the line for this old Surface RT tablet. 32 gigs was barely enough for Windows RT and Office in 2012...

I remember typing in this BASIC game "Karma" from Compute! magazine. We had a PC not an Amiga, but I was able to port it to QuickBASIC pretty easily.


birdsite; CSS fail Show more

birdsite; CSS fail Show more

Success! Mid-2010 15" MacBook Pro is now much zippier with double the RAM and the vintage HDD replaced with a modern SSD.

MicroSD cards are too small for the label maker but their adaptors are not!

Ah I see it's time for the notification badge that never goes away.

aaaand success! back in business on this machine \o/

Lots of weird failures trying to update from flathub lately on Fedora 29 beta.
"SSL connect error", "Failure when receiving data from the peer"

Found them! Five photos, taken in fading dusk light after panickingly searching for my camera during what I sincerely hoped was a _test_ missile. ;)


This was the October 3, 1999 antiballistic missile system test described here articles.latimes.com/1999/oct/

Files scanned October 14, 1999, and sat around for aaaaages. :)

I found this text file in my home directory. Seems legit.

Nice addition to Windows 10's latest insider build - improved African font support including some new writing systems.

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