@astraluma @cadey can confirm the image loads in Safari 16 on macOS on M1 MBA but not on iPhone 13 running iOS 16 ;_; lemme see if it thinks it should work or there's some weird limit

@astraluma @cadey aho -- no something fun is going on. Safari 16 on Mac is loading the WebP. Safari iOS 16 thinks it can run the avif but fails; if I remove that source it fails over to the webp and loads it successfully.


@astraluma @cadey looking at WebKit source, AVIF is only enabled for Mac for builds for macOS 13, so that's why it's not trying for me on macOS 12.

AVIF is enabled on iOS 16, so it perhaps doesn't like something about the particular file.

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@astraluma @cadey I recompressed it with squoosh.app and it's loading fine on iOS 16... I have no idea what's different ;)


@astraluma @cadey

three differences I can see via `avifdec -i`:

yours has color matrix coefficients "unknown" (2), mine has "bt601" (6)

yours has "limited" range, mine has "full"

yours has an aspect ratio transformation attached (just indicates square pixels)

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