alright, so far my plan for today is just to walk around Paris and see what I come across ^^ probably meeting one or more people later too :)

dewiki suggests that's Louis XIV (the Sun King, 1638-1715), which would fit with 1673

he... won [battles] on 60 days, something with those four rivers (extended borders?), subjugated three provinces, and granted city rights to 40 municipalities? idk it's been a while since I learned Latin

it is the Église Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles and they are not open at the moment. ok

an inscription (which I'm not supposed to photograph) reads:
Immaculatae virgini Mariae / De qua natus est Jesus / Gloria laus et amor in secula
(worldwide glory, praise and love unto the immaculate virgin Mary from whom Jesus was born)

except –

Jesus was born from eggs 😆

(technically accurate except for the plural but I don't think egg cells had been discovered yet when they put up this inscription 😜)

security/construction perimeter around Notre Dame is wide enough that I wouldn't have missed much if I hadn't passed by here tbh

(I suppose that's not exactly a bad thing though)

pretty sure I uploaded some photos from very similar angles to Commons several years ago, so maybe I'll upload this later for comparison?

I can't figure out the full translation (something give oneself the crown, something equally divide twice six hours) so I'll just wilfully misinterpret this as the bi sex machine on the Conciergerie

I once took a tour of Paris that started and ended here but I don't exactly remember when or with whom ^^

apparently Napoleon is buried in this monstrosity?! rather than being thrown unceremoniously into the Seine in the middle of the night or something like that

(after seeing "Napoleon's tomb" on the map I wanted to troll a bit like "France is on its *fifth* republic and still hasn't torn down or repurposed this thing smdh" but apparently he's not the only one buried there so ugh fine I guess. still surprised he gets to rest here though)

Douglas Adams had a nice description of a Golgafrinchan bathtub that I've always loved but can't quite remember, something like:

An intestinal jumble of piping had been delicately picked out in gold leaf, rather than being discreetly buried at midnight in an unmarked grave.

@LucasWerkmeister that sounds like looking through the glass side panel of my homebuilt computer ;)

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