Folks, always, ALWAYS, physically disconnect your Linux hard drive before running a Windows version upgrade. Don't be that guy. And by that guy I mean me.

I'm pretty sure it's happily reformatting my Linux hard drive simply because it's there. I didn't ask for it, I didn't confirm it, but oh boy, I'm gonna get it.

At least I get to shake my fist at Microsoft again...

@jtr can't say I've ever had a problem with Windows updates reaching out to a different drive they can't read the filesystem on in 25 years of dual-booting.

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@jtr I should clarify that you have nothing to fear from leaving the drive attached. Windows will ignore it.

@brion when installing Linux and then Windows, if you just do the simple setup, windows is like "oh you have a lot of unused space! Let us format this for windows!" Because of that ;)

At least happened to me

@jtr Installation and updates are not the same thing. Updates will not format anything or repartition anything.

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