...how do you even compose a "c̈" character?

Does it work for n, so I could spell "Spinal Tap" correctly?

@woozle there's a "combining diaresis" character, which you can probably awkwardly copy paste from some web site; paste it before the "n" and it should work, though some fonts may not align it nicely. ;)


Hah, managed to copy paste it from this Wikipedia article : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N-diaere

@brion @woozle this is how both look on my browser on a Windows 10 machine in what appears to be Verdana (which is odd, because my user stylesheet says '"Optima Nova LT Pro", "Atkinson Hyperlegible", Verdana, sans-serif', and I'm quite sure those fonts are installed, so I'm not sure why it's falling back to Verdana...)

@brion @woozle ah, the actual post is displayed in Optima Nova LT Pro, but apparently it doesn't support this composition, and thus is falling back to Verdana (which also apparently doesn't support it...)...
If I 'inspect' the entire post rather than just the paragraph containing the n and diaresis, I get:

Optima nova LT Pro—Local file (256 glyphs)
Verdana—Local file (3 glyphs)

@FiXato @woozle

*brb, stabbing Unicode in its inky black heart as it drags me back to its home in hell*


@FiXato @woozle my Firefox/MacOS seems to handle it with Roboto Sans on mastotech & Helvetica on Wikipedia.

Safari on the same machine fouls up on masto (roboto) but renders ok on wikipedia (helvetica)

*sighhhhhhh* i can't win

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@brion @woozle okay, replacing Verdana in my list of fallback fonts with Roboto makes it show up properly. Though upon closer inspection it falls back to Arial instead (which I guess is a sans-serif font). I wonder if Verdana falsely advertises that it supports the combined glyph.

@brion not sure if it's an option on Firefox and Safari, but in Chrome's element inspector you can see which fonts are actually used for rendering an element or group of elements.
At the bottom of the "Computed" tab for the element's styles, you can see an overview of Rendered Fonts.

@FiXato @brion

While the conclusions may be very frustrating, I love that a simple question like this can lead to such a complex and in-depth analysis. 💚

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