...how do you even compose a "c̈" character?

Does it work for n, so I could spell "Spinal Tap" correctly?

@woozle there's a "combining diaresis" character, which you can probably awkwardly copy paste from some web site; paste it before the "n" and it should work, though some fonts may not align it nicely. ;)


Hah, managed to copy paste it from this Wikipedia article : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N-diaere

@brion @woozle this is how both look on my browser on a Windows 10 machine in what appears to be Verdana (which is odd, because my user stylesheet says '"Optima Nova LT Pro", "Atkinson Hyperlegible", Verdana, sans-serif', and I'm quite sure those fonts are installed, so I'm not sure why it's falling back to Verdana...)


@FiXato @woozle ah, Verdana ;)

*goes back in time and "adjusts" Microsoft Web Fonts*

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