does ffmpeg read/write animated webp yet? sigh, i should look into that later

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% ffprobe giphy.webp
[webp @ 0x129704510] skipping unsupported chunk: ANIM
[webp @ 0x129704510] skipping unsupported chunk: ANMF
Last message repeated 30 times
[webp @ 0x129704510] image data not found
[webp_pipe @ 0x129605a60] Could not find codec parameters for stream 0 (Video: webp, none): unspecified size
Consider increasing the value for the 'analyzeduration' (0) and 'probesize' (5000000) options

@brion Well, shut my mouth. I recently found out Google barely supports it. It's not even supported at all in Google Slides.

@brion the error message is interesting. It recognizes it as webp and tries to parse it. I assume it doesn't grok animated yet.

@vwbusguy yeah it handles still WebP images, but animated is a later extension and I guess didn't make it in yet. ;)

I've only seen it on a couple of the GIF hosting sites, but I don't have convenient tools for converting it when I end up with one. ;_;

[Worst case I *can* read them with the WebCodecs API inside Chrome. I can rig up a transcoder to WebM or h.264 with that, I just haven't got round to it; but support in ffmpeg would be more generally useful]

@brion The "convert" utility from ImageMagick can probably do it.

@vwbusguy bingo! we have a winner

I'm able to convert the animated .webp back into an animated .gif with 'convert' \o/

for the record this is ImageMagick 7.1.0-45 installed via homebrew on macos arm64

@brion kind of amusing that ffmpeg can apparently *write* them (using "-c:v libwebp_anim") but not read them.

@kepstin luckily the structure for animations is relatively not too wacky, I could probably hack it into the ffmpeg webp decoder.

I'll have to do this for work eventually to support optimized video transcodes of GIF and WebP animations, which are both horribly inefficient with no interframe coding unless you can crop all motion into a rectangle.

Gotta make sure I can handle transparency consistently in the VP9 output (looks at Safari with a disappointed frown)


days since I had to delete-and-redraft due to mixing up "intraframe" and "interframe": 0

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