Lazyweb: could someone with Windows 11 please go to this webpage in Chrome/Edge, take a screenshot, and post it?

I'm trying to figure out what the CSS font-family is for Microsoft's new emoji font on Windows 11. (Of course none of my machines support Windows 11, and SauceLabs' version of Windows 11 is old so it doesn't have the font. 😞)

@brion Awesome, thank you! So the name is the same as in Windows 10, it turns out ("Segoe UI Emoji"). Thanks for helping me win a bet 😉

@nolan @brion Microsoft does like that backward compatibility naming. If you want the full stack on 11, I heard to keep an eye on Segoe UI Variable. It’s the variable font replacement for the various baseline Segoe UI weights with some other interesting axes beyond weight. So far nothing to do with emoji (think it still falls back to Segoe UI Emoji), but the rumors have it the fancy new “Teams” emoji (the long announced not yet delivered “3D” emoji) *might* be an opt in axis in Variable someday.

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