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That's accurately funny.

I do want to argue that the democrats contain a much wider range of members than the republicans and some of them are fighting white christian nationalism, it's just not all of them.

In my opinion the lazier or more pro-business ones need to start fearing primaries from the left.

AOC has a clearer plan about what the Democrats need to do to get people to be willing to trust them more. People are tired of the same slogans delivering nearly nothing.

re: uspol, birdsite, mass shooting ref 

@alienghic @brion when was the last time it was possible to have more than these two parties in the US?

re: uspol, birdsite, mass shooting ref 

@meena @brion a long time ago. Though conditions are ripe for the parties to realign or split.

But its almost always only 2 parties because of winner takes all voting

re: uspol, birdsite, mass shooting ref 

@meena @alienghic @brion For the presidency it's pretty locked in. For congress there's the occasional two or so that are "independent" or "Libertarian", but they're rounding errors in the grand political scheme.

Unfortunately they're also seen as spoilers in the zero-sum game of votes, so they don't get much traction over here.

re: uspol, birdsite, mass shooting ref 

@craigmaloney @meena @brion

Pretty much one the top priorities for any of the minority parties in the USA is an alternative to the winner takes all voting system. This green candidate in California was pushing for proportion representation and ranked choice voting.

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