Strange New Worlds is basically “hey you know all those bad Stark Trek episodes? well they’re Star Trek too, and we’re going to do them really well” and it works!!

The Gorn, that dream fight between Spock’s human and Vulcan halves, the spoiler at the end of the most recent ep… those are all terrible classic Trek. It’s amazing to see them done so well 🤩

Trek has levity to it, and I’m glad that isn’t just confined to Lower Decks anymore.

Like I jumped into Star Trek Picard S1 yesterday and the episode opens with a pretty traumatic scene with gore and an eye and whatnot. Gross. I didn’t come here to get grossed out 🙅‍♂️

@ashfurrow They're really edgy now. They even swear occasionally on Picard. 🤪


@uliwitness @ashfurrow in 1987 I knew things were serious when Picard broke out "damn" :D

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