@Froggo I do *not* wanna stick around for the hacker news crowd demanding freely licensed sex robot operating systems

@brion@mastodon.technology @Froggo@estrogen.network breaking news, all bsd-based distros are being replaced by the superior and brand new OpenBDSM

adult bedroom toys and FOSS 


Debian-powered vibrators.

systemctl start vibration.service


adult bedroom toys and FOSS 

@danjones000 @Froggo @brion I actually run gentoo on mine!

@brion building a debian spiral-shaped pillow fort and staging a battle between the xenia plushies and the tux plushies

@carcinopithecus @brion you seem like a genuinely nice person to be around if you have xenia plushies

@SaulRS951 @brion only meant as a joke unfortunately, no room for a lot of new physical stuff at this point in my life...

@brion my vibrator isn’t compatible with other remote controls and it might have an RCE

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