This HN thread captures some of my despair over the direction the web is heading:

"I also don't think that people are creating websites anymore? Where is there supposed to be info for the search engine to crawl? All real user content is on reddit, instagram, twitter and youtube."

"[The WWW] is rapidly becoming a defunct protocol, the culmination of a decades-long shift in the Internet's center of mass away from browsers and towards centralized and commercialized apps."

Of course Google's properties are all crawlable (so they can be listed on Google), but you can imagine that if Reddit closes its doors and TikTok displaces YouTube, then… what's left? Wikipedia? And a sea of SEO spam?

Of course there are also a bunch of old-timers like me who still have an old-fashioned blog (I say "old-timer," although I'm in my 30s), but people aren't going to want to hear from old-timers forever. If the good stuff is on Insta/TikTok/etc then people will search there.


@nolan i worry more that community documentation is disappearing from persistent spaces into private chat rooms.

I'm all for ephemeral experiences, but knowledge on how to do things, community lore, technical information, all gets locked up and inaccessible.

We need ephemeral AND persistent spaces both. And we're losing the latter fast.

@brion @nolan it's sort of fascinating to think that we're currently living in a time where in 50 years very little made now will be documented
@brion @izaya @nolan
> community documentation is disappearing from persistent spaces into private chat rooms
All it would take for information to vanish at this point is simply the deletion of a Discord server
@cheru @brion @nolan which, from the second hand reports I hear, happens at random, somewhat frequently, both by the egos that run guilds and by the ... unpleasant individuals running the service.

@cheru @brion @izaya @nolan Highly relevant - I just ran into this myself because someone deleted their articles from Medium.

Granted you could do this from your own personal website, but...

In any case, apparently it does still exist on the Wayback machine, since 2019 was so gorram long ago 😬

@brion @nolan I’m about to create learning content, it would both video and text
(Kinda blog entries, easy Ctrl-F, a bit more info and you choose which you prefer)
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