Fun fact: interior air in commercial airliners is not "recycled" by the air conditioning; rather, new air is constantly being pumped in from the outside via the engine's compressor, a convenient source of warm, high-pressure air used by the pressurization system and other things.

If the pressure gets higher than it's supposed to, a some is allowed to escape, so you get constantly refreshing air.

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@brion But seriously, before my first trans-atlantic flight I didn't realize there is a generic smell of human bodies.

@deshipu heh yeah it's still a lot of people in a small space :D

i hope everyone showered before they boarded <3

@deshipu on a more positive note, the first time i realized that there's a *cat body smell* if you bury your head in their fur and just breathe in.... made me happy :D

but the cats actually clean themselves ;)

@deshipu ok i admit it. cats, like all animals, are gross if you actually look at everything ;)

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