me: video is neat

internet: great idea, every tutorial is a video now

me: but what about searchable, accessible text?

internet: nope, all video now. also tech support is a chat and the faq is pinned messages that make no sense out of context

me: but what if there were some kind of *extended* text format that could embed other media types in it like video clips when they're context-relevant; a "hypertext" if you will

internet: listen to this message from our sponsor, megagamerjuice! like and subscribe!

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@brion I just scheduled a *flu shot* and the web interface for doing so was a *chat bot*

@brion people can't get the concept of a wiki which would solve the problem

@brion Yesterday I was looking at the map of Little Free Libraries in the area and there's a video on how to search the map.

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