It's funny -- when No Man's Sky came out, I played it for *hours* and *hours* and loved exploring planets and zipping around from place to place. When I reinstalled it some months back, I couldn't figure out how to do anything any more. It's almost impossible to refuel as a noob.

A lot of folks say it got richer and better, but to me it abandoned the clean, beautiful game it started as and became something complex and disappointing.

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@brion not gonna lie, the same occurred to me more than once. Like, why the heck would you *ever* want to build a base on a planet when there's a quintillion worlds out there? The entire crafting mechanic is a complete waste of time, too. I still love it, but I can't help thinking what it could have been if the folks at hello games didn't dilute their vision to appease the crafting-addicted 12 year olds who wanted Minecraft in space

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