Does anyone actually answer their phone if they're not expecting a specific call?

I don't know why phone spammers happen anymore; they don't even leave messages so they have zero informational impact.

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@brion They're looking to find the folks that will answer the phone no matter what: aka the elderly.

@craigmaloney 100% this. And their filter is you. It costs them essentially nothing to wardial every number several times over. No human's time is occupied unless the person actually picks up and the 3 seconds of no-message becomes a problem for your voicemail, not them. The best thing you can do is actually pick up and waste their time as slowly as possible.

@craigmaloney Of course... A good 60% of the time picking up also results in silence. Because these people can't build auto-dialers for shit.

I normally do not answer unexpected calls.

I have my answering machine "programmed" in such way that I can hear if someone leaves a message on it. If necessary, I can answer the phone while this person is still "talking" to my answering machine.

Spammers normally do not leave messages.

Moreover, I have the possibility to block unwanted phone numbers in my router.

@brion I generally answer. Nuisance calls are rare, especially after the filtering Android/Google does. More often than not, it's someone calling with relevant information, e.g. from a utility company. From what I hear, the situation is rather more grim in America, though.

@mansr if someone calls claiming to be from a utility company I assume it's a phishing scam. Safe thing is to hang up and look up the information online or call direct.

@brion Suppose they're calling to inform that they need to carry out urgent repairs and your electricity will be cut at 1pm tomorrow. That's the kind of thing I'd prefer to know about beforehand, and it's unlikely to be phishing if they don't ask for any information.

@brion Less effort to pick up when it rings. As I said, nuisance calls are rare, less than once a month.

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