Has the javascript ecosystem solved ES6 modules "just working" everywhere yet?

Or am I going to have to play bundler games? sigh

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@brion works in some browsers but, turns out you don't actually want that. it's webpack time

ok so it looks like if i do modern webpack with modern es6 module syntax, and want to use 'import' to pull in my GLSL shaders from files during build into strings in the output JS, I have to use raw-loader -- this results in source JS that can't be run directly because the import path would not be valid in a browser.

Or, I can write my own build script that embeds text into .json, and import those.

Either way, life is terrible.

@brion Life is beautiful, you get to actually build that thing ;)

Ok, not too bad so far (but haven't yet tried building).

This *should* pull my jpegxr codec module from node_modules, and the shaders from text files as strings:

import jpegxr from 'jpegxr';
import vertexShader from 'raw-loader!./tonemap.vsh';
import fragmentShader from 'raw-loader!./tonemap.fsh';

Resulting bundle should itself have no external file dependencies, and should be freely re-bundle-able...

The only reason this is looking easy is because I embedded the WebAssembly binary into the JS of the codec module, though. ;)

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