zomg I have to push really hard not to want to upgrade (not that I have the money, but still):


Lucky @brion!

OTOH, my i7-4790k is still chugging at 4.4 GHz, with 32GB of DDR3 RAM and SSDs all around, so no real reason nor benefit for the upgrade. (except maybe to reduce power costs. but then I'd have to go buy a laptop.)

@zladuric yeah the 3700X should be fine for games though the zen 3 will beat it with ipc improvements :)

main future upgrade reason will be compiles and video encoding and stuff when I get tired of only eight cores ;)

@brion "only" :)
do you do that6 a lot? drive your CPU to the max?


@zladuric sometimes you gotta compile Chromium and Firefox to test stuff :)

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