Many years ago as a teen, my friends and I considered ourselves amateur cinematographers, and made lots of silly little videos for class projects and for fun. We made up still more ideas that we never produced...

My favorite...


A British solicitor (lawyer) is tidying up the affairs of a wealthy businessman who had left lots of money but no one knew what happened to his heirs in a distant american branch of the family. The solicitor spends days researching, finds the cousin, flies across the Atlantic, takes a taxi to the guy's house in his suit and bowler hat. Gets out of the taxi, walks up to the house to ring the bell -- there's a sign "no solicitors". Stops a beat, turns around and gets back in the taxi.

The end.

@TinfoilSubmarine I think it was one of a series of short-short sketches we were planning to make inspired by the “Fingertips” sequence of super-short songs from They Might Be Giants’ album Apollo 18.

We got busy with college, and moving away, and jobs and families and all that and never filmed them. :)

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